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Seaplane Tender, Destroyer (AVD)

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AVD-1 Childs ex DD-241, ex AVP-14
AVD-2 Williamson ex DD-244, ex AVP-15
AVD-3 George E Badger ex DD-196, ex AVP-16, Reclassified APD-33
AVD-4 Clemson ex DD-186, ex AVP-17 Reclassified APD-31
AVD-5 Goldsborough ex DD-188, ex AVP-18 Reclassified APD-32
AVD-6 Hulbert ex DD-342, ex AVP-19
AVD-7 William B Preston ex DD-344, ex AVP-20
AVD-8 Belknap ex DD-251, Reclassified APD-34
AVD-9 Osmond Ingram ex DD-255, Reclassified APD-35
AVD-10 Ballard ex DD-267
AVD-11 Thornton ex DD-270
AVD-12 Gillis ex DD-260
AVD-13 Greene ex DD-266, Reclassified APD-36
AVD-14 McFarland ex DD-237
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