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Small Seaplane Tender (AVP)

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AVP-1 Lapwing ex AM-1
AVP-2 Heron ex AM-10
AVP-3 Thrush ex AM-18
AVP-4 Avocet ex AM-19
AVP-5 Teal ex AM-23
AVP-6 Pelican ex AM-27
AVP-7 Swan ex AM-34
AVP-8 Gannet ex AM-41
AVP-9 Sandpiper ex AM-51
AVP-10 Barnegat
AVP-11 Biscayne Reclassified AGC-18
AVP-12 Casco
AVP-13 Mackinac
AVP-14 Childs ex DD-241, Reclassified AVD-1
AVP-15 Williamson ex DD-244, Reclassified AVD-2
AVP-16 George E Badger ex DD-196, Reclassified AVD-3 / APD-33
AVP-17 Clemson ex DD-186, Reclassified AVD-4 / APD-31
AVP-18 Goldsborough ex DD-188, Reclassified AVD-5 / APD-32
AVP-19 Hulbert ex DD-342, ex AVD-6
AVP-20 William B Preston ex DD-344, Reclassified AVD-7
AVP-21 Humboldt Reclassified AG-121, Reverted back to AVP-21
AVP-22 Matagorda Reclassified AG-122, Reverted back to AVP-22
AVP-23 Absecon
AVP-24 Chincoteague
AVP-25 Coos Bay
AVP-26 Half Moon
AVP-27 Mobjack Reclassified AGP-7
AVP-28 Oyster Bay Reclassified AGP-6, Reverted back to AVP-28
AVP-29 Rockaway Reclassified AG-123, Reverted back to AVP-29
AVP-30 San Pablo Reclassified AGS-30
AVP-31 Unimak
AVP-32 Yakutat
AVP-33 Barataria
AVP-34 Bering Strait
AVP-35 Castle Rock
AVP-36 Cook Inlet
AVP-37 Corson
AVP-38 Duxbury Bay
AVP-39 Gardiners Bay
AVP-40 Floyds Bay
AVP-41 Greenwich Bay
AVP-42 Hatteras Canceled 22 April 1943
AVP-43 Hempstead Canceled 22 April 1943
AVP-44 Kamishak Canceled 22 April 1943
AVP-45 Magothy Canceled 22 April 1943
AVP-46 Martanzas Canceled 29 April 1943
AVP-47 Metomkin Canceled 29 April 1943
AVP-48 Onslow
AVP-49 Orca
AVP-50 Rehoboth Reclassified AGS-50
AVP-51 San Carlos Reclassified/Renamed Josiah Willard Gibbs (T-AGOR-1)
AVP-52 Shelikof
AVP-53 Suisun
AVP-54 Timbalier
AVP-55 Valcour Reclassified AGF-1
AVP-56 Wachapreague Reclassified AGP-8
AVP-57 Willoughby Reclassified AGP-9

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